I'm Bethany

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Managing Partner Premier Law Group

Founder B to the Power of E

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Education. Mindset. Opportunity.

Today, Bethany LaFlam is Managing Partner at Premier Law Group, Founder of B to the Power of E, which presents an exciting series of swanky retreats, and author of the upcoming book The Power of OPE: Other People’s EVERYTHING.

These roles allow her to thrive and help others achieve exponential growth in their conscious wealth creation, propelling them toward their ultimate financial, entrepreneurial and overall well-being goals.

I’m on a mission to uncork unique superpowers that drive success stories…

Let’s raise a glass to these extraordinary abilities and chat with incredible leaders in the industry who’ve turned their talents into triumphs!


Ask Me ANYTHING... Real Estate Syndications, Funds, Fund of Funds + More

What we AREN’T doing in 2024? Gatekeeping the secrets of the rich.

Bethany Laflam

Mother | Conscious Wealth Creator
Empire Builder | Real Estate Investor