Bethany LaFlam.


Today, Bethany LaFlam is Managing Partner at Premier Law Group, Founder of B to the Power of E, which presents an exciting series of swanky retreats, and author of the upcoming book The Power of OPE: Other People’s EVERYTHING. These roles allow her to thrive and help others achieve exponential growth in their conscious wealth creation, propelling them toward their ultimate financial, entrepreneurial and overall well-being goals.

Everything Bethany does is inspired by her desire to serve as an impeccable role model for her daughter. Building her Empire and helping clients build theirs will serve as her legacy.

Starting the Magic!​

Bethany grew up in Northeastern Ohio in a working-class family. A hard worker since childhood, she put herself through Bowling Green State University as an undergraduate, and then Pepperdine University Law School.

Entrepreneurial Transformation

Bethany began her career in Big Law at the prestigious downtown Los Angeles law firm of Quinn Emanuel. Pursuing her dream of running her own business, she later launched a boutique business law firm in Newport Beach, California, advising clients on both legal and strategic matters, and representing businesses on startup, mergers and acquisitions and securities. To further develop her entrepreneurial passions, Bethany merged her practice into a mid-market Chicago based firm where she ran the firm’s California corporate practice.
With more than 20 years experience practicing law, Bethany has represented clients on countless business transactions in the start up, technology, aerospace, medical and real estate industries. She’s analyzed and advised on hundreds of real estate investments, providing SEC compliance and deal structure. Bethany helps facilitate both passive AND active investors in creating conscious wealth through Education, Access to Opportunities, and Strategic Mindset Shifts.
In addition to providing legal compliance, she advises on business strategy and scaling using OPE — other people’s EVERYTHING. Through Premier Law Group, her securities law firm, her technology platform, and hosting her own luxurious retreats, Bethany offers a creative perspective on investing.

Premier Law Group

At Premier Law Group, Bethany serves as a Managing Partner, where her entire practice is focused on helping syndicators stay compliant while they raise capital. Bethany joined Premier Law Group in 2018 and made an immediate impact. She brought structure and scalability while at the same time enhancing the culture and general vibes of the firm with her fun personality. 

She actually won Mauricio Rauld over when he brought her into the firm to help manage his growing client base, and she handled client issues without having to bug him while he was traveling. He was floored. After declining to run the firm in the beginning, she slowly got sucked in until she finally became a partner. Her love of the PLG community and clients is what sealed the deal for her.

B to the Power of E

Bethany loves to mingle and clink glasses with entrepreneurs while at the same time serving them to improve their business and their lives. B to the Power of E facilitates and hosts a series of luxurious retreats that are focused on professional and personal development while having fun and learning from being in proximity to other exceptional professionals. 

Ever the entrepreneur, she had the idea to invest in unique properties worldwide and share her knowledge and experience with colleagues. B represents YOU. It’s a constant. Whatever you feed, it is what it will become. B to the Power of E retreats are meant to help people stay present in the moment and charge their B with positive energy for exponential growth.


Bethany loves to serve and has since her career began. She has served as an advisor and board member with multiple nonprofit organizations. 

Bethany was a founding board member and past Team Kids, Inc president.

She has also served as a group facilitator for the Living Peace Series. She fondly remembers seeing the Dalai Lama, who inspired her with the message that western women would change the world. 

Call out at the bottom: Bethany LaFlam will put SPARKLE and BUBBLES in your life while helping you achieve your personal financial, and professional goals!

Recent Work

Over the past few years, Bethany’s work has pivoted slightly. She will release a book this year on the power of leveraging your community, your trusted Other People. The entrepreneur and the lawyer in Bethany have battled over the course of her career, but she realized that the entrepreneur is the winner, and her legal career is a vehicle to make amazing things happen.

Bethany Laflam

Mother | Conscious Wealth Creator
Empire Builder | Real Estate Investor

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